‘’Building Beautiful Minds’’ Comes at Namal College

‘’Taleem o Tarbiat’’ complement each other to groom students into constructive and healthy individuals of the society. In modern terminology training & development is an essential part of professional studies. It plays pivotal role in transforming raw minds into mature and balanced personalities to constitute valuable assets for economic, political, cultural and social development of a society.

Learning at Namal is thought to be a comprehensive activity in which students come to know themselves and the world around them; it does not merely focus on giving awareness rather it instills the quality of understanding and being able to explain.

Mr. Nasser Aziz, famous motivational speaker, conducted his trade mark workshop ‘’building beautiful minds’’ at Namal College during the ongoing orientation week for the new batch of 2020. Mr. Nasser did his MS in Management Sciences from Yale University, USA. He has been conducting training and development workshops for leading multi-national companies and educational institutes of Pakistan.

During his workshops he categorized people into two classes; one category falls into gardeners and the other into woodcutters. The former stands for the growth and beauty of the world and the latter symbolizes destruction and ugliness. He stressed the students to strive in life to become the gardeners and become positive and constructive members of the society.