Graduation Celebrations 2016: Graduate Night Dinner

The Namal Family furnished spectacular graduation celebrations for the passing out badge of 2016. The jubilations marked the devotion and commitment of the graduates, their parents and the faculty that was actualized in the form of gratifying service of soul and mind….Graduation.  Exciting feelings of pride for awesome achievements were just glowing on the faces of the graduates for a deserving and hard-earned goal. The Vice Chancellor Prof. Dr. Muhammad Abbas Choudhary and Mr. Imran Khan, Chairman Namal Education Foundation, both expressed their sense of joy and achievement for the graduating class. Dr. Abbas highlighted the point that knowledge is a special key that would pave way for successful professional life for proud Namalians. Mr. Imran Khan advised the graduates to set loft goals in life as ‘’Man is what he envisions himself to be’’. He asserted that life is a continuous process of learning that is built by continuous hard work to make a breakthrough achievement.