In Pursuit of Dreams

Inspirational Stories of Adventurers

Inspirational stories of adventurers, Samar Khan, Asif Talib and Saad Mohammad, motivated the students of Namal College towards Tourism and Entrepreneurship. Held on February 26, 2018, the theme of this interactive session was how to be a motivated Entrepreneur and stay consistent while pursuing your passion. The guest speakers shared their amazing travelling experiences and stories with the young souls and paved their visions towards new destinies. They were delighted to experience excellent academic environment and appreciated state-of-art facilities furnished at the campus for providing quality education to the talented youth of Pakistan.

Celebrity Adventurers

Saad Mohammad
Sa’ad Mohammad has mountaineering experience of reaching Camp III (7,060m) Mt.Everst in 2017, summiting Spantik (7,027m) as part of the Pak-China Friendship Expedition in 2012 & climbing two virgin peaks (Ra’na Kook Ser – 5,525m & Moamee Mariya Kataria Ser – 5457m) in alpine style in Shimshal in Aug/Sep 2015.
Samar Khan
Cyclist, Founder (Pace for Peace)
Samar Khan is a Pakistani cyclist. She is the first women in the world to ride the cycle on 4500 meter Biafo Glacier in the Karakoram Mountains of Gilgit Baltistan. Samar is the founder of ‘Pace for Peace’, Two Girls Ride. She is the national record holder of riding 1000 km, at the height of 4693m to Khunjerab (Pak-China Border).
Asif Talib
CEO, Lok Savaari Adventure (LSA)
Asif Talib is the true inspiration for all the youth of Pakistan. He has an amazing journey from a rickshaw driver to entrepreneur. Currently, he is the CEO of Lok Savaari Adventure (LSA): a tourism company which helps to preserve native culture and history of visited areas. LSA hires local people to tell stories about their culture.

Session Highlights