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The labs in the Department of Electrical Engineering are built around the following key goals:

  • To provide an experimental foundation for the theoretical concepts introduced in regular class sessions. It is important that students have an opportunity to verify some of the principles & ideas for themselves.
  • To familiarize students with experimental apparatus and to provide hands on experience on the equipment.
  • To furnish a real world industry environment of how systems work in complex working conditions. The objective of lab sessions is not to get the “right answer” but to give students a flavor of finding solutions to the challenges at hand.
  • To acclimatize students with control systems of various automated industries and help them to perform simulations before they get to the application of theoretical work on hard ware.

The Engineering lab wing consists of three labs that cater to multiple needs of students. There is also Information Technology Support Center (ITSC) that is looking after the IT related matters of the labs and has developed an efficient networking system to connect five computer labs furnished with 150 desktops.

1-Robotics and Machines Lab_MG_0296

Equipment contains:

  • Lego Mindstorm Kits 2.0
  • Micro-Controller Trainers for 89s50 Series
  • Proctors in Campus and Hostels
  • PCs for Programming Robotic Kits
  • Power and Machine Trainers
2-Analogue Electronics and Communications Labintroduction

Equipment contains:

  • 20 MHz Analogue Oscilloscope
  • Function Generator
  • Regulated Power Supply
  • Analogue and Digital Training Systems M21-7000
  • Analogue and Digital Communication Trainers
  • Microwave Training Kits
  • Basic Electronics Equipment for Circuit Making and Digital Logic Testing
3-Digital Electronics and Embedded Systems Lab_MG_0429

Equipment contains:

  • Digital Storage Oscilloscope
  • Dual Power Supply,
  • Hand Held DMM
  • Analog and Digital Training Systems M21-7000
  • FPGA Kits
  • PCs
Computer Labs:

There are FOUR computer labs equipped with state of the art hardware and software resources which provide efficient IT facilities to students. Almost 200 desktops are available to students in these labs that cater to the IT related academic requirements of practical work. The labs are integrated by a central control office ITSC that ensure efficient working of the entire system. Latest internet facilities with maximum available bandwidth are also available for online research objectives.

Internet / Wifi

Namal College has access to the internet via PERN and PTCL. The internet is shared with the Namal community via Wifi network. The campus network is designed by ITSC team and they remain available to provide timely service both at campus and hostels.

ITSC Policy

1. All computer software/hardware installations on individual PCs must be done by the IT Support Team. For installation of any special purpose applications user must contact IT Support. Every system is the part of the DOMAIN, so if anyone wants to use desktop computer he will login with his user name and password given by the ITSC. As a policy, users are not given local administrative privileges on their machines.
2. IT support will maintain a list of officially designated applications for Namal College computers. These will be publicized on the ITSC web site.
3. Users are prohibited from installing any other applications or software on their computers, Peer to Peer file sharing software like Kazza, Get right, Morpheus etc. are absolutely prohibited.
4. Users must not save their data on C Drive, My documents, or Desktop. All user data must be saved on “D”,”E” and ”F” Drives so that it remains intact in case of any breakdown.
5. Users are not allowed to change or disturb network settings configured by IT Support Team.
6. Users are not allowed to move computer equipment (except laptops) from one location to the other.
7. Use of Namal equipment/ Network for commercial purposes is prohibited.