Namal Family Welcomes Class of 2020

Namal Family feels excited to welcome the new batch on this place of opportunity and discovery! They are now going to embark on the most fulfilling experience and challenging endeavor of their life. The campus has blossomed anew with inspiring 80 students inducted into both the academic programs of electrical engineering and computer science. The rigorous admission process ensured the enshrined values of merit and excellence to select our future leaders who have come from all parts of Pakistan.  They are going to be introduced to new ideas, arguments and experiences that they never encountered before. Namal College has furnished a conducive academic culture for students to learn how to strike a balance among studies, co-curricular activities, sports and social life. Orientation week is designed to introduce our new brand ambassadors with the kind of environment that Namal has envisioned for them to grow and prosper for the uplift and development of Pakistan. We greet our new community members with warm wishes and open hearts, eager to know how they would reshape their lives by flourishing within the Namal community.