Noninvasive Technologies


The focus of this research group is to develop non-intrusive solutions (devices) to monitor and/or diagnose medical conditions where conventional invasive techniques could adversely affect ailments.

Resource Persons

Muhammad Hanif
Principal Investigator
Namal College, Pakistan
M. Ammar Yasir
Research Associate
Namal College, Pakistan
Jamshed Khurram
Research Associate
Namal College, Pakistan


All Optical Noninvasive Blood Glucometer
< Grants: 0.4 Million >

Diabetes pronounces an assemblage of metabolic disorders in which patient face disturbed insulin production that badly affect blood glucose level (glycaemia). Apart from insulin inoculation and cautious dietary plans, glycaemia monitoring is key to healthy everyday life. Glycaemia monitoring, though, is an expensive, strenuous and painful process and involve pricking that may lead to neuropathy. In order to avoid neuropathic diabetic ulceration, all optical noninvasive glucometer has been developed incorporating Near Infrared Spectroscopy.