Pakistan Needs a Paradigm Shift in Education

Not Just Schemes: For Improving Literacy or Employability

How can we improve the education system of Pakistan? How can we encourage meaningful learning? Why should we put a stop to rote learning in schools?
To address these questions, Namal College invited Madam Nasira Habib, an acclaimed educationist, gender specialist and founder of Khoj School System, who envisions to create a paradigm shift in education in Pakistan. She delivered a talk on the flaws and shortcomings of prevailing educational system in Pakistan. Throughout the session, she emphasized on experiential learning through practical demonstrations. She had multiple interactive sessions with the faculty, students and community children.

Resource Person

Nasira Habib
Basic Educationist & Gender Specialist
We have all heard time and again that education is the cure-all for Pakistan’s issues, yet all we have experienced is a ratta-based system in the name of education. Nasira Habib is an acclaimed educationist who, for the past 20 years, has been busy in one experiment – finding the right ingredients for the education that can actually cure our society’s ills. Besides this, she is is the Founder Director of Khoj-Society for People’s Education, Lahore.

Session Highlights