We are interested in theoretical as well as practical approaches of information technology and computer sciences for innovative solutions to parallel and distributed systems. We pursue a broader range of areas to develop inter disciplinary research teams to achieve the objectives of developing future oriented technologies.

Parallel and Distributed Research Group (PDRG) focuses to investigate issues and find solutions to the challenges of developing highly parallel and fault-tolerant distributed system. We currently study performance, complexity, computation in distributed systems, software defined networks (SDN) in networks, modules in cloud operating system (OpenStack) and green cloud for energy optimization. We aspire to execute highest quality of research work to serve the international community in our field through our publications in international journals.

There is a close collaboration of our faculty members and researchers for brainstorming on various issues whereby students are encouraged to participate in such discussions to enhance their knowledge and exposure for professional life. We also patronize potential candidates as research assistants to work with us in their field of interest.