Between Nothing and Everything

A Talk About Possibilities of Fiction and Reality

Ms. Jane teller, a distinguished Danish novelist, shared her experience of fiction writing. She wrote the famous novels and numerous essays on different topics reflecting world problems. The seminar was based on the topic “Between Nothing and Everything”. The topic started with the story and theme of the novels and what were the things, which made her write. The session was on a full swing while she told students about her life journey of literary passion, which started at the age of five. The students were inspired by her journey and they took keen interest in her imagination and the way she managed her imaginative and real world. The writer was so impressed with an overwhelming response of students and the seminar was concluded with some tips on writing skills and the importance of reading in the students’ life.

Resource Person

Janne Teller
Danish Novelist and Writer
Ms. Teller has worked for the UN and EU in conflict resolution and humanitarian issues around the world, especially in Africa. She was originally educated as a macroeconomist but now has devoted her life to writing fiction. She has written eight fictional novels and countless essays. Her area of interest includes history, politics, modern life, ethics, war and peace

Session Highlights