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Policy Guide Lines for Student Bodies

The campus is bustling with a plethora of activities.In addition to the regular classes taking place during the semester, there is a continuous process of arranging and conducting workshops, seminars, exhibitions, open houses, recruitment drives, sports events and movies nights etc.One can never run out of ideas for bringing the Namal Family together. Student societies are ingrained in the college culture and are flourishing.

There are seven student societies that are engaged in different academic as well as non academic activities. Students are encouraged to join these societies based on their interests, be they physical, intellectual or professional. The number of societies continues to grow as the student body diversifies.The students are empowered to administer these societies, allowing students to develop their organizational skills in preparation for life after college.

1- NAC: Namal Adventure Club

NAC is for those students seeking healthy adventure activities.nac Namal College, located in a lake amidst mountains offers the perfect setting for hiking, sailing, trekking etc. NAC arranges various training programmes and workshops that are designed not just to hone one’s physical abilities but also to achieve the important objective of advocating for the preservation of the ecology of the area.

2- Namal Literary & Debating Society

The objective of NLDS is to provide students an opportunity to develop their analytical, LDSwritten, oratory and communication skills. Namal seeks to create an environment where students learn to collaborate with each other to achieve common objectives. The focus is on individual grooming which aims to achieve collective goals and targets through an organizational prism.

3- NSSI: Namal Society for Social Impact

NSSI is a professional and academic discipline committed to create nssidemonstrative social impact for the NAMAL Family and for the surrounding community. It is striving for the socio-economic and cultural development of each individual and group within the campus and for the society at large. NSSI arranges regular recreation and social activities like the Green Namal Walk and Jashn-e-Baharan. It is successfully achieving its objective of making each member of the Namal community  socially  more aware and responsible citizens of society.

4- Namal Sports Society

Mission Statement: It is better to have tried and failed than never to have triednss at all.
The objective of NSS is to provide students with the opportunity to develop their talent in various sports and to test their physical toughness and resilience in challenging situations. It also promotes an understanding of the importance of sports in pursuit of healthy and active lifestyle at the campus and beyond. Academically, sports activities nurture an appreciation of the qualities like honest and fair play, team work and self assessment and spirit of good sportsmanship.

5- NKAM: Namal Klub of Arts & Media

The society encourages and promotes creative, imaginative and and artistic skills of students.nkam Activities like photography, dramatics, film and documentary making help students explore their intellectual and aesthetic abilities. A vibrant and healthy society exudes mutual respect and tolerance that is build on the sound foundations of aesthetic and intellectual values of the people at large.


The aim and objective of IEEE is to advance the theory and practice of latest trends in the field of electrical engineering and electronics.The related activities like the Robotics competition and Coding competition are designed to help students enhance their understanding of many critical concepts related to electronics and engineering.

7- NIC: Namal Idea Club

This society is not just about coming up with ideas; it is about their realization.idea NIC encourages students to come up with innovative ideas which can be actualized as collaborative projects through teamwork.

8- OSS: Open Source Society

Namal Open Source Society aims to promote the use and development of open-source-based softwareidea projects which are useful for community inside and outside Namal College. It is in this self-evolving process that will help club members to experience teamwork and to improve their technical skills like software and hardware design, programming, apps and web development.
The open source movement and its methodologies have a profound impact on society, businesses and technology around the world. At the core of open source movement is collaboration, open development, and learning from peers. Our aim is to leverage the ethos of open development and create an environment where students can help each other and expand on the existing classroom curriculum.